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Part one of Sarah’s Story- The Start September 18, 2009

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It all started when Sarah fell in love she met this handsome man called Aly he was all she dreamed of, he was picture perfect. Tall, broad, dark and had the attitude she was looking for, he was a leader always knowing what to say fighting for the right. She met him when he was fighting for her right.

The first time she saw him she was shouting her lungs out. She was so mad fighting with the bus driver for being so reckless and risking all the passenger’s lives. And what made her madder was that the bus did not seem to have a single sane person and sadly no guy man enough to get up and say something. There was black car trampled at the side of the street and seemed to have an unconscious man lying inside of it. No one seemed bothered, she kept thinking “what is wrong with everyone?” When her eyes started to tear and she felt like breaking down as she was screaming because everything was too much to swallow. Aly showed up in his beige baggy shorts and black shirt, to any woman he might not seem as “prince charming” but she saw it the second he looked her way. He had this confident air around him; from a look at him she could tell that he had all it took to rock her world.

From behind her he came and stood just two steps away from her, he asked her gently to step aside; he looked at the driver, with his tough hand he pushed the man to walk with him to the side, talked to him inaudibly she never knew what he said. She could see he was calm composed and had rebel written all over his face. A minute later the driver walked back to her and apologized sincerely.  She walked back slowly a few steps, and looked down. Sarah could take the stress no more, and was instantly blinded by the tears that were going down her face.

She felt a hand on her shoulder soothing, kind and had all she needed at the moment. With a deep concerned voice he asked her what was wrong. Her legs could no longer keep her standing her knees bent and she sat on the pavement put her face in her lap and now she started to cry making a sound that made Aly feel like turning around and making a run. Her voice carried everything he longed for and feared from the most.

Though he couldn’t take the sound of her crying he bent down beside her, helped her up on her knees, that was when people started to get out of their cars and gather around to see what was wrong, someone came up with a bottle of water Aly helped her drink and got her to sit on a chair on the side where there was this small coffee shop. She started to get herself together and be collected. The unconscious man was safely out of the car and sitting on the table next to her. When she was finally all calm she started feeling really bad and self-conscious for shouting and yelling at the driver and for crying in the street and the scene she made of herself. It did not feel like something new, because from time to time she got into similar mishaps. She hated what happened, Sarah was always too hard on her shadow, always too shy embraced. She looked at the stranger beside her with the weary look on his face, she smiled softly and looked down and with a soft shaky voice thanked him. Aly asked her if she was alright and she said she was, like she always said. To her it was the typical answer to this typical question making her answer automatic; but, she was farthest that could be from being fine.

Dazzled was Aly  by the sight of her, she was cute and small. She looked helpless; put on her brave face with the cute smile that deluded everyone. She was keeping up and act of courage, while she was holding back tears that would leave her dry if she let them escape. All she wanted to do was hide she never let anyone inside always tried to keep everything to herself she shared what she felt with only her friends; anyone could walk by or be with her every day, or even her parents would be around her and no one would guess that she was down. She always put on a smile from the fear of driving people away if she showed what she felt.

Aly turned around to take a look at the man who was in the car. In a flash she was holding up her bag and back up on her knees, looking all good to go. She made a small “umm…”  sound making Aly look at her she thanked him a lot put on her smile, but this time her eyes betrayed her with the glow they had. She said goodbye, tried to walk confidently out of the scene stumbled on her third step without a second glance back cursed her clumsy self under her breath feeling even more embarrassed. However, she started walking or as far as everyone could see she was almost running.

When out of sight, she started slowing down and thinking of the face that helped her. The face she had tried to imagine all her life, the character that struck her just like another bus soon after the accident. She started to feel so mortified, but without second thought said to herself that the guy that helped her must have pitied her. All she could think of was how she always acted foolishly. She wanted to beat herself up. But on the other side every cell in her body wanted her to stay around that man but from her fear of falling in love with a stranger she ran, she wanted to hide or in other words “before it starts; END IT”. For the next month all day she daydreamed about the man played the scene over and over making sure to save his picture and voice in her head. One side of her wanted to go out search for him and god knows what she would do next, but the other just told her to stop being irrational, because what were her chances of finding him and more importantly catching his attention or being a part of his memory.

That incident to her was like the best song she ever heard but it was playing all the time and sticking to her head that it made her sick. She thought to herself “Am I always going to sound so lame, am I always going to sound so desperate even to myself??!!!”… “I do not have a life to the extent that I’m holding to a stupid moment” she was confusing herself not knowing what she wanted. She dreamed about him almost every day. Told her friend about this guy her friend was so excited at first she thought it was something nice and cool to think about the hero. But later when she realized that it was more than just this small thing. She was talking about him 24/7 reminiscing and smiling, she started to get worried. Jody got a bad feeling about what was going on, her best friend was obsessing about a thing that could possibly be a dream or something her mind came up with, that maybe she started to fall for what her mom always used to say “you had prince charming in your head, but just now you gave him a name”. Jody felt concerned, so she started facing Sarah and trying to get her back to her senses. Sarah knew what Jody confronted her with was right but what had she got to do the song seemed permanently stuck to her head.

… To be continued!


2 Responses to “Part one of Sarah’s Story- The Start”

  1. Nour Says:

    OMG … i luv u and i luv the 2 poems and the story … i’m so proud of u … honestly i never thought that u would actually do it … bas since u proved me wrong u have to keep working on this … give it ure all seriously … 150 % … and i’ll be there all the way to support u bbe …
    p.s enti lazem tkalmi asln l2an i wana know how the story ends …
    luf u bbe … xoxo

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