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What can I do? – [2006] September 18, 2009

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I have this feeling i try to hide

This feeling is killing me inside

Every time i try to forget

But his eyes, ohh…

I can’t regret

I fall again in love with him

But i start to think how I can tell him

He’s always busy… always away

So how can i tell him that i feel this way?

When i see him pass by

I then start to cry

But he can’t hear me

What can i do?

To show that he’s the one who

I gave my heart and all too


2 Responses to “What can I do? – [2006]”

  1. Lamia Says:

    I think this is just what you need right now! bgd. I think this is a great idea that I urge you to continue feeding into. Cheers to you! And I hope, sincerely, that this blog is a conductive step towards true happiness! :)
    Love you :)

  2. noza Says:

    i love this one it really summaries every thing and isa ur books will be bestseller and i will sell them in my book shop isa :D im really happy u took this out im proud of u
    love you ;)

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