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Freeze September 21, 2009

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I look down at the street

Do all the people have cold feet?

A young boy wanting to eat

A girl skipping because he finally made a leap

A man not a freak his face just got beat

A family in a car starting a journey I hope they would never part

An old couple still together but is it their last week?

Heaven is the place they all seek

You should know that what you look at you don’t really see

For just one moment out there they are all free

To stop and think again they can always flea

One step their sure the other with doubts they freak

What if this moment things just freeze?

Before the bomb is thrown or the crises comes

Before the land dries or will it drown?

Will the manic rule or the prodigal son?

Close your eyes feel the wind and trust that up shins the sun

A cure is discovered and the new fuel is the old bomb

The poles stop melting and no longer fear the rising sea

Play the scene again we all unite and agree

Have faith and do your part

Because if we, soon all the prayers will be


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