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Here… September 23, 2009

Filed under: Poetry — mustwriteit @ 2:21 pm

I look around

I think I see

Is it him?

I can’t believe

I run outside

He follows me

I stop and stare

I just can’t breathe

I feel a shake

It’s my heart

There is no mistake

I want to run

This time I’ll break

It’s been too long

Is it too late?

I slowly turn

Someone wake me

We’re finally together

Here you and me

I want to talk

My mouth won’t speak

My eyes just glow

And I feel a tear

Without a word

He just hugs me

It feels so warm

It’s what I need

For just one second

It feels so real

Then I wake up

That’s what I thought

It was just a dream


4 Responses to “Here…”

  1. mikegothard Says:

    Love this! The first time I read it I found myself reading it too fast. So I read it again, trying to go slower, but still found I was dashing for the end in hopes that this time it wouldn’t be just a dream. This is a hard poem to read slowly :)

  2. M Says:

    Love it! I was really hoping that was real! You’re poems are amazing.

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