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Come and Go September 24, 2009

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People just come and go

But those who matter are the ones you know

It leaves a mark that becomes a scar

That forever burns across your heart

You waste your time thinking, how could it be?

For me I lost a part of my family

To cancer, terrifying me

Generations pass for new to come

But for my mum god took her mother

And gave her the longed for son

I’ve seen her cry and I cried too

I soon recovered but she just couldn’t do

Years later in the hospital there is she

Holding a young boy, that’s how you see

A few years later I see my dad for months disappear

His father refused treatment and soon was free

They both wanted the same thing it was “no pity”

When god takes, he gives I believe

That’s how life goes on with time relatively

Enjoy what you have and say “I love you”

And definitely they all earned a “Thank you”

Before it’s too late be regret free

I think “what if” kills too, don’t you agree?


3 Responses to “Come and Go”

  1. ichabod Says:


    “what if” kills too.

    I agree.
    Letting go of real
    and perceived
    To life and soul
    Is key
    To making one

    I read your blog
    keep it going.
    I like the thread
    Of your mind
    While it flows
    You are a poet
    And gifted

    Thank You :)

  2. ichabod Says:

    By the way, I borrowed one of your poems and stuck in on my site with a link to this one as to who wrote it and where I received it.

    I hope you don’t mind.

    The post can be viewed at

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