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Part Three of Sarah’s Story – Change September 24, 2009

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Whenever Omar was around Sarah started feeling weird. She couldn’t even treat him the way she used to. She was scared and unprepared, managed to find flaws in him to the extent that some of them might have sounded made up. She talked herself out of it every night. She wasn’t thinking about Aly as much anymore and that was a relief. She had a little time off.

Before she knew it she was calling Omar any name but his, somehow she forgot his name every time. They used to be really good friends she always enjoyed his company. He always annoyed her in a teasing way, but with her weird attitude lately that was not the case. She avoided talking to him alot, tried to sit farthest from him. She started feeling mean towards the guy, so she made it a point to be nice.

It took her months to be nice to Omar and when she finally got her act together, he was no longer interested. She drove him away. It was sad that the person she used to always look for anywhere she went now wasn’t interested, but on the other side she felt relaxed because she wasn’t really into him, at some point talking to him felt mandatory. It took her a while to adjust. Soon she wasn’t thinking of him any more and he seemed to be interested in another girl. Everything was just “great” that was what Sarah said. Eventually they started regaining their friendship again and soon everything was cool.

Sarah never knew why or how but she was thinking about her hero, “prince charming”, AGAIN. She prayed every night that she would see him again; anywhere even if it was just a glance from a cross the street, she would just settle for anything. Sarah was walking to the bus stop when she saw him going on the bus that she intended to catch. But typically Sarah took the easy way out stood in a shop for a while till she could no longer see the reflection of the bus in the glass, and got out and caught a cab instead.All day she kept thing of how cowardly she acted. Too many questions were killing her, all staring with “what if…” she let a chance slip by. She couldn’t believe that what she did was a conscious decision. She was going nuts thinking and thinking till she lost it all.

The next day on her daily routine she found him again going on the bus, she took a deep breath; with fast wide steps moved towards the bus got up and stopped.He was sitting in the middle of the bus there were no empty front seats she had to move past him to find one. But if she did, eye contact would be inevitable. She just had to do it. As she moved towards him he was busy going through his bag as if he lost something. She walked past him and he didn’t notice a her. She sat just behind him. The bus ride seemed longer than ever; she thought a million times about nudging him, but last minute she manged to change her mind.

She closed her eyes, swore and before she knew it she was nudging him and saying “hey”. The voice was familiar to him he didn’t quite link to whom it belonged. He looked back to see Sarah smiling warily. He shot her his perfect smile, she felt herself blush but not just a normal blush, it was as though all the blood in her body managed to go to her face. He asked her how was she and how she felt after the accident she said it was all great. She didn’t know what to say; but she needn’t he made the effort to make a conversation.
They started talking about where they were both heading. They were both going to university; actually the same university. He said that he is new in town and is a transfer student. She couldn’t believe herself; “was that a dream?” she couldn’t think straight.

She knew she was smiling her widest smile because when she got off the bus her face hurt. She offered to help him around; she kind of owed him; at least that was what she convinced herself with. He was not familiar with the place and wanted to get something’s done, and of course he would never skip such an offer; she was a catch.They spent a couple of hours together till they both had to run to their classes and they did not have matching schedule, but they would use the same bus every morning. Sarah couldn’t get through a single class, she had no idea what the professors were talking about. She constantly looked at the door wishing he would come right in and get her. She was dreaming, she kept dreaming and building dreams sky high and never knew that they would all soon come down and possibly crush her.

To be continued…


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