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Fight For Me September 28, 2009

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I know what I want, or do I?

I hope it’s not a scam or a lie

The promises are what keep me alive

I don’t want to keep asking why

Let things happen whatever they all go by

Trust I made the fight

Stood for what I knew was right

Did all I could do!

And never gave up on you

It’s a race we’re living

The clock never stops, it keeps ticking

“Time takes time, never give in”

Wait and wait that is what I’m doing

When will I smile like I used to that day?

I still remember it was Wednesday

I keep Reminiscing; it’s been a while!

Over and over I’m recapturing your smile

The way we stared all through the night

I kept wishing you’d miss the flight

Years have passed, I want to see you

I fear that I’ll run as soon as I do

Some things time has undone

I hope the distance hasn’t just won

We argued a lot; will it be alright?

Will the old feeling from the sight ignite?

Book a ticket and don’t miss this flight

Call and tell me your comming tonight

Don’t give up on me, please for once just fight


One Response to “Fight For Me”

  1. mikegothard Says:

    Cool line, “Time takes time, never give in.”

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