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Refuge… October 17, 2009

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Feeling like a refuge

Butterflies…followed with tears

Need the one; Feeling fear

Look around for a safe place

Need shelter to hide from the rain

In the heart there’s a strain

That’s a desperate, needy day

Looking for comfort all around

Stop running for a while

All that’s needed is solid ground

Hope, look up and pray

The heart just says:

God send someone kind

I’m a refuge;

I need someone to save me,

Let him come with the sun,

I want to be around him and have fun;

Challenge him every day,

All in a teasing but loving way;

His presence would make me safe;

Let it be here, make it home

And feel right, he’d be there to stay

I need shelter, let him be comfort.

I’m a refuge, I lost my way!


3 Responses to “Refuge…”

  1. ichabod Says:

    Hi mustwriteit;

    you are not a refuge
    but a soul
    finding a way
    seeking another soul
    to travel together
    through life’s maze
    to be as one
    and share the fun
    when it is time
    it will come true
    for there is one
    out there for you :)

    Thought I would give you a little spark :)

  2. Nora Says:

    i really liked what u wrote and ichabod is right you will find a soul that’s worth you. but its just out there but u will have to search and you will find it soon it is a matter of time.

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