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Eliminate hate! August 20, 2010

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He grabs the bill and pulls it hard

from the hands of girl who owns a car,

he wants the money she feels the hate.

She gave him some but he wants it all,

he stabs her with a look that says it all.

I wish you hunger i wish you death.

Why am i poor and she’s so rich?!

I’m sick of eating from the garbage,

I’m sick of living in the street,

I want to taste that fancy food she eats.

I want a house and a brad new car,

I’m sick of being poor i want it all.

Fast life here i come…

In a world of thieves why cant i just be one

I feel bad… oh who am i kidding

I want that watch i want that ring

The streets are hosting a bloodshed

In for the kill.

Driven by the hate.

We prays for change, lets pave the way.

With a human sprit give those who need.

Its time to eliminate the hate,

lets give it a try its not too late.