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2OOOM YA MASRY July 13, 2011

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Now that we finally rule ourselves
Life in my home doesn’t make sense
Our economy is going down
The value of our pound
Falls in a poor boys tummy
And doesn’t make a sound

With our neighboring countries going down
We don’t feel safe the screams are so loud
If democracy divides us in sects
Then maybe we don’t deserve our heads
We have to stay intact from the inside
And let by gone-s stay behind

The guillotine is now sharp
Ready for the heads of those
…Who made us starve?
Our whole system was corrupt
They’ll get what they deserve
Just leave it to the judge


Elect a president and end anarchy
Together lets save Egypt PLEASE
Its like we’re going up a hill
Lets not fall behind
It’s easy…
Be inventors we have the sun
We can use it to make our engines run

We have the Nile to grow food
And cotton to make the best suits
An industrial revolution
It’s about time
Let our pound like gold shine

With new schooling we can revive
We have the brains lets use them right
Is there hope for us or not
Ya masryeen stay strong!


2010 Resolution ;) December 30, 2009

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I was faced with a choice and I had to choose

I weighed the options, deeds and dues

By the end of this year I learned something new

Never be rash and think things through

This morning I didn’t know what to do

Asked my parents, they had no clue

They said baby it’s your life we’re proud of you

I went crazy over thinking that my head blew

Sat in bed cried, what was I supposed to do?

I knew I had to lose that cynical attitude

I opened the net and did what I had to do

An extensive research of what my religion thinks I should do

I read verses, experiences and points of view

Looked up to the sky and asked god to guide me through

From then on in my heart I knew what I had to do

Here is a new year’s resolution

Ask, research, have faith and think things through

Smile and live my life it’s all for the best of that I’m now so sure