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Refuge… October 17, 2009

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Feeling like a refuge

Butterflies…followed with tears

Need the one; Feeling fear

Look around for a safe place

Need shelter to hide from the rain

In the heart there’s a strain

That’s a desperate, needy day

Looking for comfort all around

Stop running for a while

All that’s needed is solid ground

Hope, look up and pray

The heart just says:

God send someone kind

I’m a refuge;

I need someone to save me,

Let him come with the sun,

I want to be around him and have fun;

Challenge him every day,

All in a teasing but loving way;

His presence would make me safe;

Let it be here, make it home

And feel right, he’d be there to stay

I need shelter, let him be comfort.

I’m a refuge, I lost my way!


Lying Angel! October 16, 2009

Hear and cheer the lying angel is here

Standing up giving a speech

Touring the world, “the change is HE!”

Using words playing with them

He thinks we are all suckers

Take his words, sleep on them

Believing and dreaming again and again

We are not animals and we don’t live in tents!

We have cable, computers and internet

We don’t only hear what you come and say

We watch and READ the news EVERYDAY!

Yea it’s a third world and yes we are poor

But we are not dumb and of that be sure

You promise us the sky

Think we are now addicted

And taking in your drugs we’re high

No we are not, at least not me

You are a fake, soon all will be revealed

You talk about Peace when you visit our land

Then go to the enemies, and shake their hand

Give them weapons to destroy “terrorism”

You quote Mandela but you will never be ANYTHING like him!

“Prolonged detention” is that what you want to do

Put us in prison for no good reason or even a clue

For how long? (Infinity)… you’re the devil himself!

At lease be smart and stop publicly contradicting yourself

Remember we have eyes and ears with them we can see and hear

We still have brains we are not mindless gears

We think, pray, eat and BREATHE!!!!!

I will shout and with the highest pitch I’ll scream

Leave us alone that’s MY LAND

Petroleum or gold whatever it is

Stay away or as we say “I’ll cut your hand”

We’ll fight for home till our last man

Open your eyes we are just defending

We are not the terrorists…

Because of what you do!!

I am sure all the countries hate you

Stop deceiving yourself the terrorist is YOU!

Making fallacies and speak only of lies

Get real a child can point them out!

Watch out or like Hitler you will be

Making a world war, the most hated man that’s what you’ll be

Even your great land will soon disappear

I can perfectly picture the day


I’ll throw my MIDDLE EASTERN SHOE in your face

(Just like the man did to BUSH the other day!)

All the arrows point to one man

… Yes that’s him. I am making a stand as of today!


One way! October 6, 2009

Life’s song played at the background

Light a candle to shine like the sunlight

The sand covers all the land

And a girl uses both her hands

To carve a crest on the side

Fill the sky with stars at night


A farm house in a deserted land

A linking road made with her flowing hand

With some flowers and a bench

Two lovers holding hands

That’s life and happiness


In a split second it could all just vanish

On the radio a trouble voice announces

The world is at war out of the blue

A girl looks up her life is doomed

Up there he is on a flight

To somewhere, she dies that night…


Comes to life a new born child

To fill a single wife’s empty life

A light of hope gives her a smile

A bomb is thrown and before it lives, it all dies!


Enemies shout and scream

No one cares but for their own needs

They turn heavenly earth around

Is that what they want; a living hell for crying out loud!!


Families wait, all night they pray

A letter gets to them one day

They don’t understand what it has to say

Will he come back, or is he dead?

The words just won’t get into their head


Holding the letter she’s twenty three

Seventy years of waiting

But where is he?

She waited her life away

Only when she closed her eyes united were they


The past dies and present arrives

Building new towers from the scraps they rise

Old problems die and people start to live

It’s no longer a framed picture on the wall

From the window everyone can see it all


A young girl by the window

The wind blows her hair

She cries and thinks life is unfair

In a blink her lover is ready and there

He’s in a suit and they unite

A baby boy comes to life

At the same window there is he

Like his dad a sailor; he says he wants to be


What she drew is all symbolic you see

Change is not always to the worse; only if we agree!

Hand in hand that’s how it’s done

Without peace a life can’t become…


Fly September 27, 2009

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At night I cry wishing out of my window I’d fly

The hurt the pain all gets to me

All day I’m fine, but the night exposes me

The night should hide, I am different you see

The morning’s all smiles; everyone thinks I’m care free

I shouldn’t cry, what are my problems? I think twice

Grateful I should be; I’m under a roof with my family

I hold back my tears weeks or even years silently

All would be suppressed held back temporally

One day a broken nail could pull the trigger of what used to be

From lost love, a fight, a bad grade or a pound I gained lately

Are that even problems? But if not then what are they?

Love’s pain will be forgotten or replaced all books say

Even if it didn’t! By the way after years it still isn’t

It hurts so badly but a pain-killer won’t do

It’s emotional. What should I do?

As for the fight a true smile would make it alright

A bad grade I should be tougher!

Study and concentrate. So why the hustle

Does that make me shallow? I feel ashamed!

When I’m in the problem I just can’t see

When will I feel better? I look in the future, how will it be?

In a small apartment alone I’ll be?!

I don’t want to go there the thought just petrifies me

I put on running shoes my songs with me

I run for miles till I’m out of breath bending down holding my knee

My heart beating fast burning, did I fool me?

It makes me feel better for a while

I think “yes I did it” and feel powerful stand confidently

Some positive energy to make me feel free

I call some friends or do something I just want to be busy

I’ll try to do my best and see how it all turns out finally

I have faith and know that whatever there is

It’s all for the best, later on I’ll see

Just like the old friends that bailed on me

I cried for nights thinking the reason was me

What I didn’t know that better friends were coming my way

At night on the phone when I cry soothing they’ll stay

I hope that’s how my so called problems will end to be

Something forgotten or just funny

Or maybe reflecting positively on my identity

I’ll keep that in mind, thank god I’m alive

I close my eyes before I know it in my dreams I fly


Part Three of Sarah’s Story – Change September 24, 2009

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Whenever Omar was around Sarah started feeling weird. She couldn’t even treat him the way she used to. She was scared and unprepared, managed to find flaws in him to the extent that some of them might have sounded made up. She talked herself out of it every night. She wasn’t thinking about Aly as much anymore and that was a relief. She had a little time off.

Before she knew it she was calling Omar any name but his, somehow she forgot his name every time. They used to be really good friends she always enjoyed his company. He always annoyed her in a teasing way, but with her weird attitude lately that was not the case. She avoided talking to him alot, tried to sit farthest from him. She started feeling mean towards the guy, so she made it a point to be nice.

It took her months to be nice to Omar and when she finally got her act together, he was no longer interested. She drove him away. It was sad that the person she used to always look for anywhere she went now wasn’t interested, but on the other side she felt relaxed because she wasn’t really into him, at some point talking to him felt mandatory. It took her a while to adjust. Soon she wasn’t thinking of him any more and he seemed to be interested in another girl. Everything was just “great” that was what Sarah said. Eventually they started regaining their friendship again and soon everything was cool.

Sarah never knew why or how but she was thinking about her hero, “prince charming”, AGAIN. She prayed every night that she would see him again; anywhere even if it was just a glance from a cross the street, she would just settle for anything. Sarah was walking to the bus stop when she saw him going on the bus that she intended to catch. But typically Sarah took the easy way out stood in a shop for a while till she could no longer see the reflection of the bus in the glass, and got out and caught a cab instead.All day she kept thing of how cowardly she acted. Too many questions were killing her, all staring with “what if…” she let a chance slip by. She couldn’t believe that what she did was a conscious decision. She was going nuts thinking and thinking till she lost it all.

The next day on her daily routine she found him again going on the bus, she took a deep breath; with fast wide steps moved towards the bus got up and stopped.He was sitting in the middle of the bus there were no empty front seats she had to move past him to find one. But if she did, eye contact would be inevitable. She just had to do it. As she moved towards him he was busy going through his bag as if he lost something. She walked past him and he didn’t notice a her. She sat just behind him. The bus ride seemed longer than ever; she thought a million times about nudging him, but last minute she manged to change her mind.

She closed her eyes, swore and before she knew it she was nudging him and saying “hey”. The voice was familiar to him he didn’t quite link to whom it belonged. He looked back to see Sarah smiling warily. He shot her his perfect smile, she felt herself blush but not just a normal blush, it was as though all the blood in her body managed to go to her face. He asked her how was she and how she felt after the accident she said it was all great. She didn’t know what to say; but she needn’t he made the effort to make a conversation.
They started talking about where they were both heading. They were both going to university; actually the same university. He said that he is new in town and is a transfer student. She couldn’t believe herself; “was that a dream?” she couldn’t think straight.

She knew she was smiling her widest smile because when she got off the bus her face hurt. She offered to help him around; she kind of owed him; at least that was what she convinced herself with. He was not familiar with the place and wanted to get something’s done, and of course he would never skip such an offer; she was a catch.They spent a couple of hours together till they both had to run to their classes and they did not have matching schedule, but they would use the same bus every morning. Sarah couldn’t get through a single class, she had no idea what the professors were talking about. She constantly looked at the door wishing he would come right in and get her. She was dreaming, she kept dreaming and building dreams sky high and never knew that they would all soon come down and possibly crush her.

To be continued…


Part two of Sarah’s Story- Trying September 20, 2009

Sarah knew that she had absolutely nothing to do. “Everything takes time” that was what she knew. Should she forget about him, let go of the memory that seemed almost perfect; let go of charming and get back to the real world. She knew pretty well that what was meant to be would always find its way, so she waited. Every night before she went to sleep she thought of him. When she started to right in her diary she always managed to add something here or there to relate to him. Like when she was writing about the outing with Jody and her boyfriend and how they held hands; she managed to leave a comment that his hand was nothing like Aly’s. To make matters even worse by that time she didn’t even know that his name was Aly she just called him “leader”.

The other day when she was doing the usual going through facebook; looking at pictures of friends, whom she didn’t really care who they were or with whom they took the pictures. She barley even saw the pictures she was looking and trying to kill time. And suddenly she felt like someone stapled her tummy, as quickly as possible double clicked on the “previous” button; but because her hands were shaking it was more like a triple click. However, she got herself together and managed to reach the picture she wanted. Was it leader in the picture?! She literally stuck her face to the screen tall dark broad man, but what?

She was about to cry. It was not Aly it was just someone, she got all crazy about a picture, of someone who looked just like some guy she saw once. At that point all men out there were him. She compared every face to his. She was losing it. Sarah called Jody and got all crazy on the phone crying of humiliation or was it desperation?! Jody did what she could do best listen and try to tell her that she was not alone. Sarah had always been Jody’s savior with her at her downs. she carried her around. She was Jody’s support system. Jody knew that she owed her life. But what could she utter her to make things sound better. If she could have gone down the street and look at every face ask around to find him, if it were possible she would have, but the thing is she never saw him before how was she to even know him. Even all sarah described him by were words like “perfect” “amazing” “had attitude” “tall” “strong” “nice” “kind”; it wasn’t the sort of description to get her picture him.

Jody was always the reckless baby, who constantly needed taking care of, and Sarah was basically her big sister and to some extent she was jody’s second mother. They have been best friends for countless years. They always managed to be there for each other. When the biggest bully in middle-school bothered Jody Sarah was there to give him a piece of her mind and talk him to drop it. Sarah always had her way; she would have been the perfect lawyer. However, when it came to the “mean girls” Jody would always show them who was mean! None of them would dare mess with her neither with Sarah because that was just how things were; they were a team, simply inseparable. Sarah as a matter of fact never got into these girls ways. She managed to hide out and move the spot light away from herself, and Jody was her cloak.
One day Jody happened to notice constant stares in burning their way to Sarah’s direction. It was a friend called Omar. She noticed that wherever Sarah was he was always with her, just like her shadow. Sarah would never notice him, she always under estimated herself. So, a existance of an admirer was something she needn’t think of. Sarah and Jody were a part of a nice group of friends always that were amazing. They knew how to laugh and have a good time. So that day when they were out for dinner and Jody noticed she shoved her elbow into Sarah’s side. And with a sharp look looked at Sarah then at Omar and since they knew each other pretty well Sarah understood what she meant, but gave her the “wake up” look with the dismissive hand wave as to tell her “ common, he is not interested”.

Jody never let the thought of Omar liking Sarah slide, she always thought he was good enough maybe even for Sarah. She would have wished for someone better though; but for the time being he seemed to be the perfect solution to help Sarah let go of her illusion. She started driving the idea into Sarah’s mind, pointing out good things about him, make her take notice of his actions, to show her that “yes Sarah you are pretty enough to get his attention, he would wish to have a girl like you.” so reluctantly Sarah started giving into the idea thinking “Jody knew better, what do I know about relationships. I have never even had one!” Never the less she compared him to her framed prince charming picture “leader”, he was not like him he was just… different. Sarah thought that maybe it was time to give it a try change the routine.

To be continued…


What can I do? – [2006] September 18, 2009

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I have this feeling i try to hide

This feeling is killing me inside

Every time i try to forget

But his eyes, ohh…

I can’t regret

I fall again in love with him

But i start to think how I can tell him

He’s always busy… always away

So how can i tell him that i feel this way?

When i see him pass by

I then start to cry

But he can’t hear me

What can i do?

To show that he’s the one who

I gave my heart and all too