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Lying Angel! October 16, 2009

Hear and cheer the lying angel is here

Standing up giving a speech

Touring the world, “the change is HE!”

Using words playing with them

He thinks we are all suckers

Take his words, sleep on them

Believing and dreaming again and again

We are not animals and we don’t live in tents!

We have cable, computers and internet

We don’t only hear what you come and say

We watch and READ the news EVERYDAY!

Yea it’s a third world and yes we are poor

But we are not dumb and of that be sure

You promise us the sky

Think we are now addicted

And taking in your drugs we’re high

No we are not, at least not me

You are a fake, soon all will be revealed

You talk about Peace when you visit our land

Then go to the enemies, and shake their hand

Give them weapons to destroy “terrorism”

You quote Mandela but you will never be ANYTHING like him!

“Prolonged detention” is that what you want to do

Put us in prison for no good reason or even a clue

For how long? (Infinity)… you’re the devil himself!

At lease be smart and stop publicly contradicting yourself

Remember we have eyes and ears with them we can see and hear

We still have brains we are not mindless gears

We think, pray, eat and BREATHE!!!!!

I will shout and with the highest pitch I’ll scream

Leave us alone that’s MY LAND

Petroleum or gold whatever it is

Stay away or as we say “I’ll cut your hand”

We’ll fight for home till our last man

Open your eyes we are just defending

We are not the terrorists…

Because of what you do!!

I am sure all the countries hate you

Stop deceiving yourself the terrorist is YOU!

Making fallacies and speak only of lies

Get real a child can point them out!

Watch out or like Hitler you will be

Making a world war, the most hated man that’s what you’ll be

Even your great land will soon disappear

I can perfectly picture the day


I’ll throw my MIDDLE EASTERN SHOE in your face

(Just like the man did to BUSH the other day!)

All the arrows point to one man

… Yes that’s him. I am making a stand as of today!


Fly September 27, 2009

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At night I cry wishing out of my window I’d fly

The hurt the pain all gets to me

All day I’m fine, but the night exposes me

The night should hide, I am different you see

The morning’s all smiles; everyone thinks I’m care free

I shouldn’t cry, what are my problems? I think twice

Grateful I should be; I’m under a roof with my family

I hold back my tears weeks or even years silently

All would be suppressed held back temporally

One day a broken nail could pull the trigger of what used to be

From lost love, a fight, a bad grade or a pound I gained lately

Are that even problems? But if not then what are they?

Love’s pain will be forgotten or replaced all books say

Even if it didn’t! By the way after years it still isn’t

It hurts so badly but a pain-killer won’t do

It’s emotional. What should I do?

As for the fight a true smile would make it alright

A bad grade I should be tougher!

Study and concentrate. So why the hustle

Does that make me shallow? I feel ashamed!

When I’m in the problem I just can’t see

When will I feel better? I look in the future, how will it be?

In a small apartment alone I’ll be?!

I don’t want to go there the thought just petrifies me

I put on running shoes my songs with me

I run for miles till I’m out of breath bending down holding my knee

My heart beating fast burning, did I fool me?

It makes me feel better for a while

I think “yes I did it” and feel powerful stand confidently

Some positive energy to make me feel free

I call some friends or do something I just want to be busy

I’ll try to do my best and see how it all turns out finally

I have faith and know that whatever there is

It’s all for the best, later on I’ll see

Just like the old friends that bailed on me

I cried for nights thinking the reason was me

What I didn’t know that better friends were coming my way

At night on the phone when I cry soothing they’ll stay

I hope that’s how my so called problems will end to be

Something forgotten or just funny

Or maybe reflecting positively on my identity

I’ll keep that in mind, thank god I’m alive

I close my eyes before I know it in my dreams I fly


What can I do? – [2006] September 18, 2009

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I have this feeling i try to hide

This feeling is killing me inside

Every time i try to forget

But his eyes, ohh…

I can’t regret

I fall again in love with him

But i start to think how I can tell him

He’s always busy… always away

So how can i tell him that i feel this way?

When i see him pass by

I then start to cry

But he can’t hear me

What can i do?

To show that he’s the one who

I gave my heart and all too