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2010 Resolution ;) December 30, 2009

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I was faced with a choice and I had to choose

I weighed the options, deeds and dues

By the end of this year I learned something new

Never be rash and think things through

This morning I didn’t know what to do

Asked my parents, they had no clue

They said baby it’s your life we’re proud of you

I went crazy over thinking that my head blew

Sat in bed cried, what was I supposed to do?

I knew I had to lose that cynical attitude

I opened the net and did what I had to do

An extensive research of what my religion thinks I should do

I read verses, experiences and points of view

Looked up to the sky and asked god to guide me through

From then on in my heart I knew what I had to do

Here is a new year’s resolution

Ask, research, have faith and think things through

Smile and live my life it’s all for the best of that I’m now so sure


One way! October 6, 2009

Life’s song played at the background

Light a candle to shine like the sunlight

The sand covers all the land

And a girl uses both her hands

To carve a crest on the side

Fill the sky with stars at night


A farm house in a deserted land

A linking road made with her flowing hand

With some flowers and a bench

Two lovers holding hands

That’s life and happiness


In a split second it could all just vanish

On the radio a trouble voice announces

The world is at war out of the blue

A girl looks up her life is doomed

Up there he is on a flight

To somewhere, she dies that night…


Comes to life a new born child

To fill a single wife’s empty life

A light of hope gives her a smile

A bomb is thrown and before it lives, it all dies!


Enemies shout and scream

No one cares but for their own needs

They turn heavenly earth around

Is that what they want; a living hell for crying out loud!!


Families wait, all night they pray

A letter gets to them one day

They don’t understand what it has to say

Will he come back, or is he dead?

The words just won’t get into their head


Holding the letter she’s twenty three

Seventy years of waiting

But where is he?

She waited her life away

Only when she closed her eyes united were they


The past dies and present arrives

Building new towers from the scraps they rise

Old problems die and people start to live

It’s no longer a framed picture on the wall

From the window everyone can see it all


A young girl by the window

The wind blows her hair

She cries and thinks life is unfair

In a blink her lover is ready and there

He’s in a suit and they unite

A baby boy comes to life

At the same window there is he

Like his dad a sailor; he says he wants to be


What she drew is all symbolic you see

Change is not always to the worse; only if we agree!

Hand in hand that’s how it’s done

Without peace a life can’t become…


One Tribe September 24, 2009

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It is simply AMAZING :)


Freeze September 21, 2009

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I look down at the street

Do all the people have cold feet?

A young boy wanting to eat

A girl skipping because he finally made a leap

A man not a freak his face just got beat

A family in a car starting a journey I hope they would never part

An old couple still together but is it their last week?

Heaven is the place they all seek

You should know that what you look at you don’t really see

For just one moment out there they are all free

To stop and think again they can always flea

One step their sure the other with doubts they freak

What if this moment things just freeze?

Before the bomb is thrown or the crises comes

Before the land dries or will it drown?

Will the manic rule or the prodigal son?

Close your eyes feel the wind and trust that up shins the sun

A cure is discovered and the new fuel is the old bomb

The poles stop melting and no longer fear the rising sea

Play the scene again we all unite and agree

Have faith and do your part

Because if we, soon all the prayers will be