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Al-Aqsa March 6, 2010

A thousand tears I cried for Al-Aqsaa … I can’t think what I will do or how will I feel if one day I wake up and the mosque is gone!!

I keep picturing the day I stand before god and when he asks me what have I done to save this holy mosque, the holy place which we all long to pray in and all I have to say is I cried!

I am ashamed that no one is stopping what is going on. It’s not just the heritage we are losing, this is even more than the land of Palestine itself its a religion.

When the prophet (Pbuh) first prayed he looked toward the Aqsa and the night journey (Mi’raj) was also from the Aqsa…

We must do something for this mosque, we can’t stay and wait and say that god would create a miracle to save the place, for the time of miracles is long gone. In the Quran its written “إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم” God does not change the condition of people until they change it themselves; so i wish that everyone would start with himself write something do something, try to make a statement. Make people hear what you have to say.

Take the issue personally this is a holy place in the land of peace it brings us all together no matter what our religion is we have to make a stand to save peace, to save history and most of all save humanity. Enough with war when it comes to god when it comes to a holy place…

I pray that soon there will be an up raising and a change! I don’t want the prophet to be disappointed of his people of us; he fought for a cause and we have to at least save what he spent all of his life teaching. He taught us to spread our religion in peace and when it comes to fighting we have to fight for our religion when its under assault. Lets not bring him shame and make him proud; and last but not least lets make god proud and show him how much we care and cherish him and cherish his religion.



03-10-2009 (TONIGHT) October 3, 2009

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The rush and the speed

Driving at night in empty streets

The music high and the beats

All refreshing and igniting

I know I’m late

At home someone is bothered

The thought gets the speed doubled

I can’t stop the car

I want to drive and go very far

Feel the swiftness

The danger is miraculous

The concentration with the adrenalin rush

However I feel calm and posh

The power and the supremacy

The weather and silence

That is intelligence

Breaking the rules

I’m out in the wild

I can feel my evil smile

I’ll hold Never forget

Always rewind; no regret

Experience and experiment

I hope I relive tonight again and again